About Us

Shining Star International School is a high performing International School in Abu Dhabi, which is based upon the Indian CBSE curriculum. We at SSIS aim at providing a sound and holistic education for generations to come. We offer a wide variety of subjects and extra curricular activities to ensure that our children develop a broad range of skills. Technology is at the heart of our educational process ensuring students are prepared for an ever-changing world. Our curriculum research oriented, challenging and caters to the needs of students with varied abilities. We emphasize on critical thinking and creative expression among our students and help them to excel both academically and socially. We work towards ensuring that our children evolve into responsible citizens with knowledgeable minds and benevolent hearts


Our mission is through the combined efforts of our staff, parents, students and community to develop future leaders with active and creative minds. Our focus is on the holistic development of the individual, social, moral, intellectual and physical growth, along with a strong sense of heritage and culture.


To be a school of innovation and creativity, preparing students for global challenges.


Highly qualified Teachers

SSIS’s highly qualified teachers are committed to the process of nurturing every child with a strong communication skill, logical reasoning ability, and a sense of appreciation of our rich culture, heritage, and values.

Personal attention to every Child

Teachers work closely with students and one-on-one in small groups, ensuring adequate time and attention to each child.

Indian curriculum, Diverse nationalities

SSIS takes immense pride in nurturing diverse nationalities of students, who are learning and growing together, following Indian CBSE curriculum and becoming responsible future global citizens.

A rich variety of After School Activities

SSIS encourages its students to join any of the after-school activities like yoga, martial arts, football, cricket coaching, Abacus, Robotics classes, nature clubs, book clubs, art and craft camps, drama, music and dance amongst many others.

Curriculum that focuses on Holistic Development

The curriculum is in accordance with the guidelines of the CBSE and is followed through NCERT textbooks. Equal weightage is given to academic and co-curricular activities, ensuring holistic development of a child.

High level of parental involvement

Parents are an integral part of SSIS’s teaching methodology. Parents are constantly in touch with the respective class teachers and updated with daily progress of the school via Classdojo and Emails. Besides regular Open Houses help parents to reach out to the teachers and talk face-to-face. A highly active Parents Council also help the parents to communicate their concerns to the school on regular basis.


Welcome to SSIS! It’s a privilege and an honor to be a part of the SSIS family. It is our duty to serve the needs of our students and parents, we dedicated to each and every one of them and we will ensure they all are making outstanding progress in their time at our school.

At SSIS, we aim to provide each and every student with a unique experience which allows them to achieve their potential in both academic and social terms. We believe in developing everyone holistically and we aim to produce young adults who will positively contribute to their communities and the world as a whole. Our mission emphasises that we are working towards being a school of creativity and innovation. The day to day practices across the school and in particular the classroom reflect this philosophy. In order to achieve such lofty goals. We aim to create positive relationships with the parents and the school community to ensure that students have the strongest platform for success both within and beyond school years.

Mr. Alyas Ali
Principal – Shining Star International School

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Shining Star International School aims at equipping every child with an academic, social and spiritual growth. So that the children evolve as confident and well-balanced citizen of the world. Shining Star believes that only education can bring about a positive change in society. The school plays an important role in each student’s journey. Right from the beginning aiming to enable them to become well-equipped for the future challenges.

Sanjiv Khanna
Chairperson – Shining Star International School


Pillars of our success
Teachers at Shining Star International School are highly qualified and committed to the process of nurturing every child with a strong communication skill, logical reasoning ability, and a sense of appreciation of our rich culture, heritage, and values. We are blessed with an incredible team of Teaching Experts, a committed Senior Leadership Team and other staff members – who are dedicated and continuously working towards growth and betterment of the school everyday. Teamwork is highly valued at SSIS and the leadership team sets a high benchmark, working closely and collaboratively together to ensure that the students achieve an outstanding education in a happy, and positive setting.

Alyas Ali


Anita Singh


Mrs. Ramla Mohammed Ashraf



The library boasts excellent facilities for research, viewing, quiet reading or group collaboration. It is equipped with a wide range of books, periodicals, and journals.
Computer Laboratory
School is equipped with computer laboratories with high speed internet access and it is constantly updated with the latest software and hardware.
Transport with GPS Tracking
The school offers an array of indoor and outdoor games. Special coaching facilities are offered for various games.
SSIS provides children with a first-hand experience of Programming and building robots, enhancing students’ technical and logical reasoning skills and boosting their imagination.
The school has an in-house cafe serving fresh, hygienic and nutritious delicacies to the students and staff members. Students are served an assortment of cuisines at an affordable price.
Multipurpose Auditorium
Spacious auditorium houses a large number of people and serves multiple purpose events like – workshops, events, activities, and sports practice sessions amongst others.
Health Clinic
Health centre of the school houses qualified nurse and is equipped with a diagnosis room, medicine room, and a resting room.
Science Laboratory
SSIS’s well-equipped science lab helps children to carry out all scientific experiments and practical observations under the guidance of veteran Science teachers